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What Is the Purpose of Sculptra? Six Reasons to Go for It NOW


Whether we like it or not, most of us eventually experience the effects of aging. As we age, the collagen and elastin that give our skin its youthful elasticity and radiance start to disappear, and fine lines and wrinkles start to appear. A special dermal filler we offer at our cosmetic medical spa called Sculptra can smooth out lines and wrinkles and restore the contours of the face.

It does more than just “fill” the face with Sculptra Face. It promotes collagen synthesis, which aids in the skin’s natural renewal. The effects are gradual, entirely natural-looking, and stay far longer than with most other injectables. This dermal filler is totally unique compared to all others. If you want to go back in time, you might consider this injectable procedure.

Collagen fillers are going to be the key to aging gracefully.

Six Arguments in Favor of Sculptra

Here are some reasons why this filler is so well-liked, including its capacity to completely renew the face and its low-maintenance treatment schedule:

#1 Complete Rejuvenation

This dermal filler aims to rebuild the underlying facial structure by promoting the creation of collagen, which has a variety of cosmetic advantages. The additional fullness in the face once this dermal filler has finished its job reduces the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles, and creases.

The cheekbones, which may become more prominent as the skin ages and dries out, are one example of a bony area that is softened. Additionally, this filler can swell up facial features like the temples that may lose volume with time.

This injectable can significantly improve the face by restoring some of the youthful curves and thickening skin that has started to sag. In fact, this filler’s non-invasive lifting and rejuvenating properties have earned it the moniker “liquid facelift.”

Natural-Looking Results

Most patients have four Sculptra injections in a row spread out over a few weeks. To make a mesh-like pattern under the skin, the injections are administered in various orientations. This indicates that the filler provides complete covering once it is in place and can act as a base for collagen to grow.

It may take several months before the benefits in the face fully take hold because collagen growth might be slow. Patients, however, get results that appear more natural and less overfilled thanks to the results’ slow onset. You’ll never appear as though you “had work done” all of a sudden.

Long-Term Enhancement

Results from this filler persist significantly longer than those from most other injectables since it effectively rebuilds the foundation of the face by producing collagen. Most patients are satisfied with their results for at least two years. Due to the extra collagen produced by that one fluid facelift, you will still age better even if you opt not to have the procedure repeated.

Low Maintenance

There is an initial set of treatments with this filler, each of which takes less than an hour and has no aftercare requirements. Even more patients make these visits during their lunch breaks.

You won’t need to worry about returning for maintenance procedures or top-offs after the initial set of injections is finished; you’ll be good to go for two years. You won’t need to think about this filler again.

Low Allergic Reaction

Hyaluronic acid, which holds moisture and keeps the skin hydrated, is a main component of many different fillers on the market. Poly-L-Lactic Acid, a component of dissolvable sutures, is a component of Sculptra.

Because Poly-L-Lactic Acid is synthetic, there is no possibility of an adverse reaction and no need for allergy testing. The Poly-L-Lactic Acid spontaneously disappears from the body once it has completed its task of accelerating collagen synthesis.

Also for Butt Lifts

Did you know that this injection may also be used to enliven the buttocks? This dermal filler is most frequently used to enhance the face and reverse indications of aging. It functions similarly in the buttocks. Following your procedure, this filler stimulates the synthesis of collagen, which over several months lifts and tones the derriere.

What to Expect During Treatment?

This dermal filler procedure is very similar to other cosmetic injections. To start, we’ll wash the treatment area and administer a numbing cream topically.

After injecting the filler beneath the skin, we will massage the injection site to ensure that the Poly-L-Lactic Acid is spread evenly for best results. In order to enhance the patient’s comfort, this dermal filler also contains a local anesthetic called lidocaine.

What Do I Do After an Injection?

With only a few suggestions for the first few days following treatment, you can resume your regular schedule as soon as your session is over. Five times a day, we ask patients to massage the injection site for five minutes each.

Further ensuring that Poly-L-Lactic acid is evenly distributed are these self-massages. Additionally, we advise patients to stay out of the sun and tanning booths for a few days following their injection.

How Several Treatments Are Required?

Four treatments spread out over a few weeks are not unusual for a patient to get. However, since every patient has unique cosmetic requirements, treatment regimens can change.

Are They Safe?

Since the FDA approved this filler in 2009, it has been utilized often and successfully.

Is It Possible To Combine This Filler With Other Cosmetic Services?

Patients frequently mix this filler with other procedures like micro-needling, laser therapy, and injections of botulinum toxin. We can collaborate with you to create a unique treatment strategy that takes your aesthetic concerns and objectives into account.

What Sets This Procedure Apart From Other Dermal Fillers?

One of the main distinctions between a liquid facelift and the other injectable gel fillers available on the market is that the former focuses more on promoting collagen synthesis and the latter less on actually “filling” the face. In other words, Sculptra promotes the face to produce more collagen so that it can fill itself up.

A distinctive feature of Sculptra is also the results’ slow onset. While most other dermal fillers don’t last longer than a year, some of them can provide patients effects in as little as two weeks.

Do I Qualify as a Candidate?

The first step in determining whether you are a candidate for this special dermal filler is to arrange a consultation at our office. We’ll go over your medical history, assess your problem areas, discuss your aesthetic objectives with you, and decide whether this course of treatment is a good fit for you during this appointment. However, the following are some early signs that you might be a standout applicant:

Your Face Is Starting to Get Saggy

A liquid facelift does more than just smooth out wrinkles. Additionally, this procedure fills up empty spots and plump up parts of the face that have begun to lose volume. Patients who have started to lose facial volume and might use a more thorough rejuvenation are those who get the most from a liquid facelift.

You’re Searching for a Quick Fix

If you’re looking for a quick cure before a big event, this filler is not a smart choice because it takes many months to show its full results. The majority of our clients agree that the wait is well worth it, but you will need to be patient and wait for the results.

This filler is a fantastic addition to a long-term anti-aging program because to the gradual onset of benefits and the permanent enhancement it provides.

Your Body is Healthy

It is advantageous if you are generally healthy and unaffected by any serious underlying problems. For those who have impaired immune systems, this treatment is not advised. Additionally, it is not advised for individuals who are nursing or pregnant. During your consultation, be sure to let us know if you have any ongoing medical conditions.

Your Skin is in Good Condition

Patients with healthy skin free of illness or irritation are also ideal candidates for this treatment. We may advise delaying the injection if your skin is irritated.

You Can Continue the After-Treatment Massage

A crucial component of this therapy is the daily self-massages that we advise during the first few days following injection since they guarantee that the Poly-L-Lactic Acid is spread evenly for optimal benefit.

You Prefer an Easy, Non-Invasive Procedure

Patients looking for this kind of facial rejuvenation also have the option of a surgical facelift, but not everyone is willing to put up with the recovery period that comes with a more invasive procedure. Given the outcomes this dermal filler provides, it’s a very practical choice.

All that stands between you and a more youthful appearance is a series of quick, in-office injections, each of which may be completed during a lunch break.

When Will the Effect Fade?

A characteristic aspect of aging is the steady loss of volume and fat in the face, to which a number of factors contribute. After years of repeating the same facial expressions, the skin on the face eventually loses its resilience. Over time, the amount of facial fat also decreases, and the persistent pull of gravity starts to wear on the skin.

In addition to all of this, collagen, which gives the face its underlying structure, degrades over time naturally. Loss of facial volume can also be attributed to rapid weight gain and loss, sun exposure, stress, hormonal changes, and other factors.

What Help Can Dermal Fillers Provide?

Dermal fillers restore volume in the skin in a variety of methods. While many other fillers rely on hyaluronic acid, Sculptra concentrates on rebuilding collagen levels. Once applied, hyaluronic acid acts as a sponge beneath the skin, absorbing water and swelling to fill in creases and areas of the face that have started to lose their contour.

Both Juvederm and Restylane, which are both made of hyaluronic acid, are available at our clinic. We also provide Radiesse, a different dermal filler consisting of calcium hydroxylapatite, a substance that resembles a mineral and is present in human teeth.

Is There Anything I Can Do to Stop Volume Loss on My Own?

Sculptra A crucial step is to take proper care of your skin with an extensive at-home skincare regimen. Cleaning, exfoliating, and moisturizing your face on a regular basis can help maintain collagen levels and good skin.

Making healthy lifestyle choices like limiting your time in the sun and drinking a lot of alcohol while also managing your stress can also be beneficial. Another smart move is to stop smoking, which can weaken skin. However, we can only partially prevent the loss of facial volume as it is an unavoidable aspect of aging.

Are You Prepared to Rewind Time?

Are you prepared to reverse the early signs of aging and give your face back its youthful fullness? There are several benefits to using this remarkable dermal filler, including quick, simple procedures and long-lasting effects. Stop waiting right now. Schedule a Sculptra consultation by calling Bergen County Sculptra right away!



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